I regret nothing


I’m a teenager. I don’t regret staying late almost every night because I know that all the stories my friends and I have discussed are as precious as gems. I don’t regret spending too much money on foods because those pay me back so well in the first place. I don’t regret screaming across the street in the middle of the night while walking with my friends because it gives me an unconventional happiness I have never felt before. I don’t regret being infatuated to every single person I find interesting, because at least it gives me a sensation of butterflies.

Truly, I waste time, I become unproductive or dysfunctional, I laugh hard, I give love as much as I can, and this is the life I know, though it seems like I live it damn imperfectly. On the other hand, in effect of all these, I can see myself struggling from sleepless night, I mess up at school because I’m occasionally unprepared, I lose appetite. This is how I experience the carefree kind of life.

I’m a teenager. For once, I want to feel it, to hold it, and never let go of it. I want to throw my books for a while and chat with my friend endlessly. I want to try, at least, not to listen at class and stare at nothing because I’m sleepy. I am certain that after all the mess I have produced, I can fix everything and get myself back in life. Maybe it happens that I’m just overly exhausted of making sure that my life is always falling in right places. That’s why here I am, trying to run my life at its worst. As what everyone says: life is too short, time flies too fast, and I am only given one opportunity to be a teenager, to be in a world of growing up. So why should I refuse this once in a lifetime event? I’m a teenager and this is the time that I feel perfectly infinite. So I regret nothing.