Across the Atlantic.

Four years ago, we were both young and innocent. We were stuck up in a small town and basically we had no idea what was outside our tiny world. Four years ago, I was a Senior and you were a Junior. I remember I introduced you to our school for the very first time on the very first day of our school year. Four years ago I knew you admired me so much, maybe even looked up to me in some ways.

Memories visited me in just a whim and so the feelings that came along with it. Maybe I did regret what I done to you and every opportunity I did not grab. Of course there was this big fear that maybe it wouldn’t work and I was afraid my ego would be hurt. I was really immature at that time and safe to say, I didn’t exactly know what I was doing or what might be the result of my stupid actions. I know I should have probably tried harder or let you know what I felt towards you but I was coward. I was already heartbroken even without letting you know that I liked you. It was fucking crazy. Perhaps I was too young to understand love. It was all in front of me already but I didn’t know what to do with it so I panicked and ruined it.

Right now we’re like oceans away and the chance of meeting you again is so rare that it almost looks like it is impossible. I’m in Pacific and you are in Atlantic, 15 hours away, thousand miles apart. If I have a chance to meet you face to face I will flat-out say how much I liked you before and maybe still. I miss not only you but mostly the idea of you. It is sick but I can’t help it. I’m afraid it will take years before I will have a glace at you again because I guess I will be leaving home too. But I believe in the magic of fate. One day, we will have our time. One day, we will.

P.S. This song reminds me of you.


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The Queer Diary

How did this whole thing started in the first place? Well I think ever since I was a kid, I've always wanted to express myself . Sure I could have picked painting, singing, dancing, playing instruments, crafting, or any of those lovely forms of artistry as a medium for me to channel my thoughts and emotions, but in writing is where my heart belongs. Technically, I had no degree in writing but that doesn't make me less of a writer. I have no idea what the future has in store for me but I've always known deep down in my heart that I want to write. P.S. if you reach this site then please know that I am thankful that you give time for this and that you like to read. Also, no matter what you're going through, believe me when I say things will get better.

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