The Amazing Brits.

ImageSince it’s my vacation and I’m almost always vacant, I’ve been spending quite a lot of time lately at Omegle.For those who don’t have any idea about Omegle — it’s a chatting engine site where you can meet thousands of strangers online for free and no registration. I’ve known Omegle for three years already and up until now I find it amazing staying there because I am able to know different persons across the world, learn about their lives and cultures, and talk to them with anything random. 

Just an hour ago, I have talked to a 48 year old guy who now lives at London and certainly Brit in nature. He’s a landlord and therefore owns a lot of properties. Considering my extreme obnoxiousness when I say he is almost four times my age, he still doesn’t disconnect the line. Our paths come across because we both put “gays” on our interests. At first, I have safely assumed already that he is gay, which I have found correct on the subsequent part of our conversation. The thing that’s interesting about him is that he has a partner and they’re living together for 20 years. After figuring out that I’m talking to a person next to me who is at a superb long time relationship, I’ve been completely blown away and have became speechless instantly. He’s actually the very first gay man I know who is romantically stable for 20 years. His partner or so “boyfriend” as he comfortably prefer to call, is a 52 year old Chinese gay man who has came from Hong Kong but now also lives at London. He says his boyfriend doesn’t look at his age, which I claim true since I’ve seen the photo. Furthermore, he personally admits that the relationship isn’t that easy as it appears and that he has fought for his life just to have that one precious thing. They’ve been travelling across Asia during their relationship.

The conversation, in general, has been so inspirational for me. Before I’ve met him, I never expect that homosexual relationships truly last forever. I set my mind under the belief that most homosexuals enter relationship only to have sex or just for the sake of considering their selves romantically stable. I overlook the possibility that magical great things happen to gay couples as well. It seems like an eye opener for me to look more in this world, or to believe that good things don’t only limit to straight people. Our conversation may have only lasted for an hour but it surely has made me realize of one thing: To have a relationship that lasts forever.


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The Queer Diary

How did this whole thing started in the first place? Well I think ever since I was a kid, I've always wanted to express myself . Sure I could have picked painting, singing, dancing, playing instruments, crafting, or any of those lovely forms of artistry as a medium for me to channel my thoughts and emotions, but in writing is where my heart belongs. Technically, I had no degree in writing but that doesn't make me less of a writer. I have no idea what the future has in store for me but I've always known deep down in my heart that I want to write. P.S. if you reach this site then please know that I am thankful that you give time for this and that you like to read. Also, no matter what you're going through, believe me when I say things will get better.

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